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Students Serving Washington Awards Student Symposium ~ Tukwila, WA – Apr 2017
Master of Ceremonies & Poster Presenter - Topic: Teaching Environmental/STEM College Access Curriculum in Two Western Washington Title I Schools


Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference ~ Spokane, WA – Feb 2017
Topic: How Your School Can Create Ongoing Environmental Sustainability Projects


WWU Migrant Youth Leadership Conference ~ Bellingham, WA - Nov 2016 & Nov 2015
Topic: Paying for College


Northwest Aquatic & Marine Educators Conference ~ Metchosin, BC - Aug 2016
Topic: Fitting Environmental Education in Crowded Elementary School Classroom Schedules


WWU Graduate Student Conference ~ Bellingham, WA - May 2016
Topic: Developing Culturally Relevant Curriculum


Students Serving Washington Outstanding Service Presidential Award ~ Bellingham, WA - Apr 2016
Awarded by WWU President Bruce Shepard


Conference on Natural Resources, Environment and Forestry Sciences ~ Friday Harbor, WA - Jan 2015
Topic: Empowering Children with High Functioning Autism Thru Service Learning Work Parties

Tuition Fee Waiver for Academic Achievement ~ Bellingham, WA - Fall 2015, Winter 2016 & Spring 2016
Scholarship: $1,000 ea. = $3,000


Western Washington University ~ Bellingham, WA - Sep 2014 - Jun 2016
Posters and flyers I created to advertise the Graduate Student Mixer and LEAD Work Parties

Poster           Flyer           Poster           Flyer

ForestEthics ~ Bellingham, WA - Jun 2015
Designed this 10'x3' banner to be used at various protests and it was even featured in a photo by hanel Retasket on the front page of the Skagit Valley Herald.

10 x 3 Oil Train Banner           Photo by Chanel Retasket

Whatcom Art Guild ~ Bellingham, WA - Mar 2012 - Jan 2013
First I redesigned their original logo and then I designed posters and a magazine 1/8th page ad for them.

Original Logo           Redesigned Logo           Poster           Magazine Ad

Whatcom Art Market ~ Bellingham, WA - Jun 2012 - May 2013
First I redesigned their logo & outdoor signage and then I designed posters and a magazine 1/8th page ad for them.

Original Outdoor Signage           Redesigned Outdoor Signage           Redesigned Outdoor Signage           Poster           Magazine Ad